Ski and snow board rentals and delivery

The one-stop source for all of your ski and snowboard rental needs—at the lowest prices. We have a large selection of rental gear in North America. Get your ski and snowboard rentals delivered to your home. With so many convenient options for delivery, we make it easy for you to avoid the hassle of waiting in line.

Expert Snowkite instructions

Take a snowkiting lesson with Kite Club New York this season and you’ll find you have even more reason to love winter with this new and exciting sport. Take your skiing and snowboarding skills in a whole new direction by adding a power kite into the mix and you’ll find you’re having a blast across flat land and even going uphill. Earn your IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certification upon completion of the course

Kiteboarding Lessons

Students come to us with many different levels of experience, and all of our kiteboarding instructors are excellent at thinking of unique and efficient teaching methods customized for each individual,  you may visit